How often will I get this package?

This is a monthly club. That means that you'll get a curated package based on the theme of the month, every month.  Billing is on the last day of the month. Shipping is usually 16-20th. If you order on the 16th or before, you'll receive the current month's package and be charged on the last day of the month for your next package.  If you order after that, you will not be charged again at the end of the month, and your package will ship the next month. 

Is it only patches?

Nope.  We design a combo of patches, metal pins, stickers and buttons specifically for this club.  We will most likely have at least one patch and one pin in each package. 

What's in the package?

Each month we will pick a theme. You can head over to instagram for a hint/peek.  Each month we will send a note with info on the artist and the items. It will include a combination of 3-4 items. They can be a combination of: Custom iron-on patches ranging 2"-4", Custom iron-on patches with luxury metallic or glow-in-the-dark thread. Large custom patches 5"-6". Custom metal pins 1"-2" (some hard/soft enamel).  Custom all weather stickers, safe for cars and outdoor use. 2"-4".  Custom full color 1" round buttons. Artwork. Postcards.

Is it always nerdy?

Not necessarily.  Each month we will announce a theme, and the package will be curated to fit the theme.  Often some of the items might be inspired by popular culture, cartoons, 80's, 90's, movies, TV, or books.  However, we also will feature some art that is just cool.  We will try to keep it broad enough so that everyone can enjoy them, though. 

Where do you get the art?

The art is custom.  Each main patch and pin will be specifically designed for this subscription. Occasionally you'll get a patch from another high quality patch company.  You're not going to be getting knockoffs or crappy patches you've seen at the local fair.  We have multiple artist's here and we will be working with others too.  When we ship your package, we'll let you know who made your items with a note inside.

What is the quality of the items?

The patches will be embroidered, sometimes with glow in the dark or metallic thread. They will vary in size from 2"-6", but will most commonly be 4".  The pins can vary a little more.  They'll be metal, with enamel/soft enamel/etched/ or diestruck.  The buttons will be 1 inch rounds in full color. And the stickers will vary in color and shape, but will be out-door bumpersticker quality. 

You missed a month and want an item? 

Well, too bad.  Ok Ok, occasionally we might have some extra items left over.  If we do, we will sell them for a slightly higher cost than the club subscription.  But once we sell out, they're gone.  We will have some of the patches and pins for sale in the website after, but at retail cost, not club pricing. 

When will I be billed? 

If this is your first time signing up you will be billed immediately for your first subscription. After that, you will be billed on the 1st of the month for your next cycle.

When will we mail your Package?

We ship our packages around the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, they will be shipped on the following Monday.  If you sign up after the 20th, you'll begin receiving your club package the  next month. 


Are you ready to subscribe?

You can cancel anytime, no problem.  You can also order a previous package, or a single item in our store. But the club package is the best deal and the only way to ensure that we don't sell out.