Patches, Pins, Buttons, Stickers, and tons of other awesome nerdy stuff.  Or check our our store for non-club patches and pins.

How It Works

$12.50 a month (plus S&H in US or CANADA only) 

Patches, Pins, Buttons and Stickers.

Nerdy collectable patches, pins, stickers and buttons. Custom made by artists specifically for Laserbrain, and delivered to your door monthly.  Save for yourself, or share with your friends.  

Sign up for our club membership and each month you'll get a surprise package with 3-5 items. 

If there are packages left after our members get theirs, you can click the button "SHOP" in our menu and purchase a package there. (The club is a better deal!) 

Step 1

Sign up to join our club.  

Step 2

Each month, we will pick a theme.  Then we will custom design and make 2-3 high quality, and collectible items for you. You'll get 1 iron-on patch, 1 enamel pin, and 1-3 other items. (stickers, buttons etc.)

Step 3

You'll receive your package each month and then you can show off your things by tagging us #laserbrainpatchco on Instagram. 

September's theme is Wanderlust. 

Order by Sept 15th. Adventure awaits in this club package.

 It includes:

  • A large color iron on patch
  • A larger, more colorful hard enamel pin. 
  • A sticker
  • 2 buttons
  • and  couple extras

October's theme is Monster Mash. A package for lovers of classic Monsters!

it includes:

  • A large iron on patch
  • a special glow in the dark hard enamel pin
  • a beautiful large sticker designed by Victoria Price
  • and a special extra item