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Products / SALE!! Ultimate bean blind bag.

SALE!! Ultimate bean blind bag.

$30.00 - $75.00

Product Description

We are about to end the series we are working on, and start a ton of new series and limited edition beans. I have so far held aside about 20 of each bean, including the LE beans. Then I took them all and dumped them into a huge box, added a bunch of random unreleased beans... mixed them up and made some epic blind bags filled with rare beans, LE, and some classics. Why should you collect them all? Well, the more you have, the better chance you’ll have at wining the new contests I’ll be having on Instagram. There will be a house pride bean day, random color displays (like purple bean day), or themes! And the first people to send me knows will win prizes. (Like first dibs on other pins, store credit, pins..) Also the first people to fill their new bean cards (these will be released at the end of the month) will win LE trophy pins. Now for the bean info. These will be on sale for today only. Normally the pins are $8-10 each depending on the special effects used or how much printing they have. There are color changing beans, glitter, pearl, hand swirled, glow in the dark... some only ever had a few made, and some had a ton made. So there’s a wide range. But within these packages, there’s about 120 different bean designs. They come in 5, 10, and 20 packs. Normally pricing would be 5 pack = around $38-40, 10 pack= around $75-80, and 20 pack= around $145-160. During this event these mixed bags will be on sale! 5 pack will be $30. A 10 pack will be $45. And a 20 pack will be $75. These are randomly chosen bags, and discounted. I tried to make sure each pack had all different beans and no doubles, but there might be a double on occasion in the larger packs. There also might be an extra bean. Ha! All of the packs have at least one LE bean, but there are a lot of LE beans so the 10 and 20 packs usually have more. Again, it’s random. I do remember packing some 20 packs with as many as 10 LE beans, but not all of them will have a lot. It’s up to chance. This is, however, the last opportunity to grab these and get the end of the LE beans. I also will be discounting my other remaining beans, so check those out. 🖤🖤🖤Please make sure to check out our FAQ about our grading system, as i will not be replacing pins for free because of a single piece of glitter, scuff, or a speck. Colors may vary on different monitors and in different lighting, they are not always exactly the same. Charges will say Grim North LLC on PayPal and your credit cards. I CAN NOT COMBINE ORDERS. I can not change your order after you purchase. If you need to cancel the order, the PayPal fees will not be refunded. No returns or exchanges. Sorry! Please check your junk mail, as we send all order info from and it can sometimes get filtered to junk. Processing time is around 10 Business days. International shipping is unpredictable, it varies from 2 weeks to 3 months. Please order at your own risk as I will NOT be reshipping international packages that take a long time. Thank you all!

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