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Jelly bean blind bags.

$15.00 - $57.00

Product Description

Perfect for board or ITA bag fillers, and easy to wear. 1/2” jellybeans in a mixed variety of colors. Silver colored metal. Some have glitter, some glow in the dark, some have screenprinting. Because these are so tiny, they have 1 post on back. They will come in blind box, with random pins chosen. They will also include a flavor card with the list of flavors available in this set. We also have a limited surprise flavor, not for sale here, that you can only get with the purchase of the collab pin of Harry’s trunk with @sunsetroadco. These pins will come in a 3 pack, or a 5 pack. We will have very very limited full sets. Later, As I release new pins and collabs I will also have some new flavors coming. Hope you all love these! 🖤🖤🖤Please make sure to check out our FAQ about our grading system, as i will not be replacing pins for free because of a single piece of glitter, scuff, or a speck. Colors may vary on different monitors and in different lighting, they are not always exactly the same. Charges will say Grim North LLC on PayPal and your credit cards. I CAN NOT COMBINE ORDERS. I can not change your order after you purchase. If you need to cancel the order, the PayPal fees will not be refunded. No returns or exchanges. Sorry! Please check your junk mail, as we send all order info from and it can sometimes get filtered to junk. Processing time is around 10 Business days. Thank you all!

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