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Labyrinth ball


Product Description

This pin is a fantasy style Artist pin Designed by Stina Sardinha Wulfe. This big, luxurious pin is 3” tall and 3” wide. Matte Gold metal. 3 posts on back. LE 100. It features an iconic illustration based on the movie, Labyrinth. Jareth the Goblin King stares into Sarah’s eyes, framed by a huge owl. Below sits Jareths glass/crystal ball, and if you stare into its depths, you can see the inside of his gravity defying staircases inside his castle. These pins are limited edition collector, fantasy pins. The white enamel is all pearlized powder enamel. The background and crystal ball are both sandblasted with transparent enamel on top. And the details like eyes, lips, and hair textures are all painstakingly screenprinted. They are each laser numbered LE 1-100 on the back. They will each come on a large 3.5” custom backing card, wrapped in a bubble package and inside a cardboard box, inside a bubble mailer. These will also be collectors grade pins.

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