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Fortune teller moving pin


Product Description

This is a 3” hard enamel pin with 3 posts on back, and a second spinning part. From the front, she holds a crystal ball. Inside you can see the image changes from a dog, to a snake with a lightening bolt to symbolize her first premonition , and then spins to a rat with a clock to represent her final premonition. Shiny gold metal. Please make sure to check out our FAQ about our grading system, as i will not be replacing pins for free because of a single piece of glitter, or a speck. Colors may vary on different monitors and in different lighting. Charges will say Grim North LLC on PayPal and your credit cards. I CAN NOT COMBINE ORDERS. Sorry! Please check your junk mail, as we send all order info from and it can sometimes get filtered to junk. Processing time is around 7-10 Business days. Thank you all!

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