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This pin is around an inch and a half-ish. It’s meant to be worn in any position. It has two posts and comes in 5 variations. It’s a stained glass effect pin with cut out sections filled with hard enamel. Hold it up to the light to get the full effect. There’s one rose gold colored pin, but the rest are a shiny silver color. Please keep in mind that all photos may vary slightly in color from the pins. These crystal pins are meant to symbolize goals we are working toward, they are not real crystals. Here are some basic uses for crystals of these colors. Rose gold with Rose quartz- love, strengthening relationships, trust, and harmony. Aids in acceptance of necessary change. Silver with pink Smokey tourmaline- to help with stress, worries, anxiety and depression. Silver with amethyst- protecting, calming, and helps focus on creation and making. Often used by craftsman, artists, writers and makers to inspire. Silver with teal/ indicolite- helps with insomnia, and also finding a path to a career closer to your heart, or to inspire more passion for your work. Silver with green emerald- inspires self confidence, positive body image, increases mental acuity, strengthens memory and inspires eloquence in speech. Silver with black obsidian- helps heal trauma, Or unresolved issues. It’s powerful protection and helps release yourself from unhealthy demands, habits of people. It shields you from bullies, gossip, and negative attitudes.

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